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Momento PHP SDK

Welcome to the Momento PHP SDK documentation!

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The Momento PHP SDK is available via the Packagist package momentohq/client-sdk-php.

The source code can be found on GitHub: momentohq/client-sdk-php.


  • A Momento auth token is required; you can get one from the Momento web console.
  • At least PHP 8.0
  • The grpc PHP extension. See the gRPC docs section on installing the extension.


  • PHP SDK cheat sheet
  • PHP SDK examples: working example projects that illustrate how to use the PHP SDK
  • COMING SOON: Observability: logging and client-side metrics with the PHP SDK
  • COMING SOON: Taking your code to prod: configuration and error handling in the PHP SDK


  • Laravel Cache - a drop-in replacement that allows you to use Momento Cache with your existing Laravel application! See also our Laravel Integration page.
  • Laravel Example App - a fully operational Laravel example application that uses the Momento Laravel cache integration.
  • PSR-16 Cache API - an implementation of the PHP PSR-16 cache specification backed by Momento Cache.