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Getting Started with Momento Serverless Cache

If you're looking to jump in and get started with Momento Serverless Cache with an SDK or CLI, you've come to the right place. There are multiple ways to access the service below.

Try our CLI in your browser

You can try out our CLI tool today, right in your browser. No software installation required!

Head over to our Try Momento Serverless Cache page, and you can experiment with Momento CLI commands in a shell session directly inside your browser. You can create a free auth token, create a cache, and start running set and get commands on your cache. It only takes a few minutes!

Install the Momento command line interface (CLI)

If you want to run the CLI on your own machine instead of running it in your browser, here's how to get started on different operating systems:

macOS using Homebrew package manager

brew tap momentohq/tap
brew install momento-cli


  1. Download the latest linux tar.gz file from
  2. Extract the momento-cli-X.X.X.linux_x86_64.tar.gz file
  3. Move ./momento to your execution path.


  1. Download the latest windows zip file from
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Run the unzipped .exe file

To verify the CLI was installed correctly, you can run our help command:

$ momento --help
momento 0.22.6
CLI for Momento APIs


-h, --help Print help information
-V, --version Print version information

account Manage Accounts
cache Cache Operations
configure Configure Momento Credentials
help Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

Note: the version number listed in the output will vary.

Obtain an auth token

Authentication in Momento is done via an authentication token, and you can sign up for a Momento Serverless Cache auth token directly from the command line.

Authentication tokens are associated with a specific Momento Serverless Cache region. You can provision an auth token for a Region using the account command with your desired cloud provider and Region:

AWS [available regions are us-west-2, us-east-1, ap-northeast-1]

momento account signup aws --email <TYPE_YOUR_EMAIL_HERE> --region <TYPE_DESIRED_REGION>

GCP [available regions are us-east1, ap-northeast1]

momento account signup gcp --email <TYPE_YOUR_EMAIL_HERE> --region <TYPE_DESIRED_REGION>

Azure (Coming Soon) reach out if interested

momento account signup azure --email <TYPE_YOUR_EMAIL_HERE> --region <TYPE_DESIRED_REGION>

Be sure to replace <TYPE_YOUR_EMAIL_HERE> and <TYPE_DESIRED_REGION> with actual values.

Note: If a region you wish to use is not available for your selected cloud provider, please reach out to us to inquire about adding it.

Configure the Momento CLI

Momento will email your auth token to you. You can configure your local CLI to use this token by running the momento configure command:

$ momento configure
Token: < Enter token from email here >
Default Cache [default-cache]: < Name of cache to use on CLI by default >
Default TTL Seconds [600]: 30 // Sets the default TTL for cache entries. For demonstration purposes we are setting this lower right now.
[2022-03-31T15:31:25Z INFO momento::commands::cache::cache_cli] creating cache...
[2022-03-31T15:31:33Z INFO momento::commands::configure::configure_cli] default cache successfully created

You are now up and running with Momento Serverless Cache! Let's see how to use the Momento CLI to cache data in Momento Serverless Cache.

Cache some data

The cache command in the Momento CLI is used to interact with your Momento Serverless Cache. Let's see a few of these commands in action.

First, you can use the set subcommand to store an item in your default Momento Serverless Cache:

$ momento cache set --key test --value value
[2022-03-31T15:45:17Z INFO momento::commands::cache::cache_cli] setting key: test into cache: my-first-cache
[2022-03-31T15:45:18Z INFO momento::commands::cache::cache_cli] set success

Then, you can retrieve the key using the get subcommand:

$ momento cache get --key test
[2022-03-31T15:45:25Z INFO momento::commands::cache::cache_cli] getting key: test from cache: my-first-cache

In configuring the cache, we set a default Time to Live (TTL) of 30 seconds. If you wait 30 seconds and try to retrieve the cache again, you will see the item has disappeared:

$ sleep 30 // wait for item to expire
$ momento cache get --key test
[2022-03-31T15:46:02Z INFO momento::commands::cache::cache_cli] getting key: test from cache: my-first-cache
[2022-03-31T15:46:03Z INFO momento::commands::cache::cache_cli] cache miss

These are the standard get and set data plane operations with the Momento CLI.

You can also manage control plane operations with the Momento CLI, such as creating a cache, deleting a cache, or listing available caches.

You can see all of the available subcommands in the cache command by using the momento cache --help flag in your terminal:

$ momento cache --help
Cache Operations

momento cache [OPTIONS] <SUBCOMMAND>

-h, --help Print help information

create Creates a Momento Cache
delete Deletes the cache
get Gets item from the cache
help Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
list Lists all momento caches
set Stores a given item in cache

Further, you can specify non-default configuration options for your commands, such as a different region, cache name, or TTL.

For more information about any of the parameters for a subcommand, you can use momento cache $SUBCOMMAND --help to learn more.

Next steps

The CLI is great for testing and for understanding the core Momento Serverless Cache API, but most of your caching work will be done in your application. For those, you can use the Momento SDKs.

We currently have the following SDK's languages available. Check out each repo for detailed instructions and usage examples.