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Momento SDKs

Write code to interact with Momento Cache and Momento Topics in your favorite programming language, regardless of whether you are building a web, mobile, or server application!

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Client-Side SDKs

Momento client-side SDKs allow you to interact with Momento Cache and Momento Topics directly from your web or mobile application; no server-side infrastructure required! Create chat applications and other messaging features that allow your clients to communicate with one another with only a few lines of code!

Web SDK (Browser)

The Momento Web SDK allows you to create rich browser applications in TypeScript or JavaScript.

Swift SDK (iOS)

Build native iOS applications using the Momento Swift SDK.

Kotlin SDK (Android)

Build native Android applications using the Momento Kotlin SDK.

Dart SDK (Flutter)

Use Momento Cache and Topics in your Flutter applications, allowing you to target browser, iOS, and Android with a single code base.

Unity (C#)

Unreal (C++)

Server-Side SDKs

Momento server-side SDKs allow you to take advantage of Momento's low-latency Cache and Topics services from your back-end application. The Momento clients are tuned to provide the best possible performance and throughput while requiring far fewer TCP connections than many other cache client libraries.

Node.js SDK


Python SDK

Java SDK

Kotlin SDK (JVM)



Elixir SDK

Rust SDK

Ruby SDK