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Required Permissions

Cloud Linter is intended to be run with READ only permissions. Specifically you will need following permissions from CloudWatch, ElastiCache, and DynamoDB:

  • elasticache:DescribeCacheClusters
  • elasticache:DescribeServerlessCaches
  • cloudwatch:GetMetricData
  • dynamodb:ListTables
  • dynamodb:DescribeTable
  • dynamodb:DescribeTimeToLive

Getting Started

Run the Cloud Linter and obtain automated analysis results in six easy steps!

  1. Install the Momento CLI. Note: You do not need a Momento auth token to run the cloud linter command.
  2. Configure AWS credentials in your terminal.
  3. Run the command momento preview cloud-linter.
  4. [optional] Inspect raw output in linter_results.json.gz, located in the current working directory.
  5. Upload linter_results.json.gz in the Momento Console.
  6. Momento will analyze the results and provide you with tailored cost savings recommendations.

Demonstration of CLI (video)

Web Console

Cloud Linter