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Service limits for Momento Topics/Webhooks

Momento Topics seek to protect themselves and their customers when it comes to service resources. To do this, every account, topic, and cache has service limits, or what we call "guardrails" (like on a curvy mountain road) to help keep operations running how they should and as smoothly as possible. This page outlines the default service limits:

Momento Topics limitsValue
Subscribers per cache100
Message size4KiB per published message
Throughput per cache10 publish requests/sec

In addition to the topic limits, there are a few additional limits that apply to webhooks

Webhooks limitsValue
Number of Webhooks10
Throughput per webhook5 requests/sec
Request Timeout5 seconds
Name128 characters
URL1024 characters

Since Topics and Webhooks utilize Momento Cache, all Cache limits apply to them as well.

Soft limits and support

The limits on this page are soft limits that can be altered unless specifically denoted. If you need limits adjusted, please reach out to Momento Support. Please include your login email, the name of the cache(s) to be altered, the cloud+region the cache is located in (e.g. AWS eu-west-1), and which limits from the list you’d like increased.