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Momento Topics service quotas


Service quotas are directly affected by the support plan on your account. Both soft and hard limits are increasable for the Pro tier and Enterprise plans. If you would like to request an increase, please contact sales.


ResourceEntityDefaultBasic supportPro support
Soft limits
Namespace countregion330300
Operations per secondnamespace101001,000
Concurrent connectionsnamespace1001,00010,000
Number of webhooksnamespace101001,000
Message delivery per secondwebhook505005,000
Hard limits
Payload sizemessage4 KB
Delivery timeoutwebhook5 seconds
Operations per second (control APIs)region5


Each message published to Momento Topics counts as a single operation. Every message delivered counts as an additional operation. A topic with 9 subscribers would result in 10 operations for every message published: one for the publish and one for each subscription.

Messages are billed in 1 KB chunks. A .5 KB published message will be charged 1 operation. However, a 1.4 KB message will be charged 2 operations.


Message broadcast

A .1 KB message is published to a topic that has 9 subscribers.

1 message published + 9 subscribers = 10 operations

Large direct message

A 4 KB message is published to a topic that has a single subscriber.

(4 KB / 1 KB chunk) x 1 subscriber = 4 operations