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Redis compatibility clients for Momento Cache and Momento Topics

Do you have existing apps that use a Redis cache, but now you're trading up to Momento’s services? With Redis compatibility clients, there's no need to refactor your code. Instead, compatibility clients are a drop-in replacement for existing Redis clients. Change your client library to the compatibility client, change the connection information, and the core of your code stays the same.

Getting Started

To switch your existing application to use Momento Cache, you only need to change the code where you construct your client object:

// Import the Momento redis compatibility client.
import {createClient, momento} from 'momento-redis-client';
import {
} from '@gomomento/sdk';

// Initialize Momento's client.
const redisClient = createClient(
configuration: momento.Configurations.Laptop.v1(),
credentialProvider: momento.CredentialProvider.fromEnvironmentVariable({
environmentVariableName: 'MOMENTO_API_KEY',
defaultTtlSeconds: 60,

For more in-depth information, with example code, please see Momento Node.js Redis compatibility client on GitHub.

Source Code

For source code and examples for all of our Redis compatibility clients, please see the following GitHub repositories: