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Momento API keys

API keys are long-lived values intended for programmatic use. These keys grant integrating applications access to certain caches and topics.


Not sure if you should be using an API key or a token? Check out our authentication page for all the details!

When creating an API key, you are presented with two options via the Momento console:

  1. A "super-user" key that grants access to everything in your account, like creating and deleting caches, setting and getting cache items, and publishing and subscribing to topics.
  2. A fine-grained access control (FGAC) key that is limited to data operations only, like setting and getting cache items or publishing and subscribing to topics.

It is not possible to create "super-user" API keys via the Momento SDK; these may only be created in the console. However, you can use the SDK to create API keys with specific permissions, via fine-grain access control! Check out our Auth API reference page for more details.

Creating an API key

While it is possible to create API keys via the Momento SDK, the simplest way to create them is to use the Momento console.

Step 1: Sign up or log into the Momento console

Go to the Momento console and follow the instructions to log in with your email address, Google account, or GitHub account.

Image of Momento console landing page

Step 2: Generate your API key

In the console, select the API Keys menu option.

Once on the API key page, select the information that matches where your caches live:

  1. Cloud provider
  2. Region
  3. Key Type
  4. (Optional) Expiration date

Image showing the fields to create a new API key

Once complete, click on the Generate button to create your API Key!

You can copy the value of the key directly and store it in a secure location or you can click on the Download JSON button to download the key and expiration date to your machine.

Step 3: Secure it!

API keys are long-lived and typically grant high levels of access to the holder. With this in mind, be sure to securely store your API key in a location that encrypts the value and prevents plain-text viewing.

If your application is hosted in the cloud, it is best practice to store your keys in and retrieve from services like AWS Secrets Manager, Azure Key Vault, or GCP Secret Manager.

Storage of an API key is specific to your implementation and standard coding practices, but one thing is consistent across all applications - keep it safe!


When creating an API key, you have the option to create one that never expires and one that expires after a certain amount of time. We do not recommend creating keys that never expire. This ends up being a security risk if the key were ever to become compromised.

The Momento console offers several pre-configured options for expiration ranges or you can select your own date. Just remember to create a new API key and rotate it in your application before it expires to prevent outages!

Use cases

For shorter-lived authentication use cases, with targeted permission scopes, consider using Momento tokens.

API keys are a good choice for situations where:

  • All usage is programmatic and server-side
  • You are okay with longer-lived keys that must be rotated on a monthly/yearly basis
  • The key needs relatively broad permissions

For more information on managing the permissions on either API Keys or Tokens via fine-grained access control, see the permissions page.

Ready to get started? Head on over to the Momento console and get your API key!